DJ Cool Kirk

Kirk Dewdney, DJ Cool Kirk, AKA the Bugman, grew up in New York City, lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina, hosts The Bughouse Beats radio show, advocate, and entrepreneur, and uses his radio platform to unite the world. Cool Kirk served 23 years as a United States Army paratrooper. with Music as his motivation. He is the CEO and founder of Bughouse Beats Entertainment LLC. Manage the Bughouse Beats Venue and the brand Bughouse Beats BUHOBE. father of four. Community events include coaching, teaching, and mentoring the youth in the game of basketball. Cool Kirk spins Records but is often asked to lend his unique voice to hype parties. Cool Kirk attends the prestigious, high school of Art & Design, and spends his time as an artist. drawing and creating T-shirt designs. In his spare time, you can catch cool Kirk cooking for the Beats Food Truck.

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