DJ John Phenomenon

DJ John Phenomenon

DJ John Phenomenon has been described as a pioneer, a leader in hip-hop and a turntablist with a great ear for sound and talent.  With over 20 years in hip-hop, DJ John Phenomenon has stayed relevant from a Midwest Club DJ to a global brand.  DJ Phenomenon’s playlists, long mixes, song selections, seamless blends, precise cuts and scratches give him the ability to control the energy of a crowd in order to create events and experiences like no other!

DJ John Phenomenon got his start in the glass city, Toledo Ohio, as a mobile and nightclub in 1999 after being mentored by a local DJ crew and earning a referral to nightclub owners.  In 2009 DJ Phenomenon along with two prominent Midwest business owners purchased a nightclub in Toledo, OH and renovated it into a nightlife destination welcoming multiple artists and comedians from all over the globe.  Under DJ Phenomenon’s leadership the nightclub experienced success consistently pulling in crowds, and in the summer of 2013 DJ John Phenomenon was commissioned to be the featured DJ on MGK’s Finally Famous Tour. 

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