Hollywood J Blacc

Hollywood J Blacc

Hollywood J Blacc is an independent artist, songwriter, and producer/engineer from West, Tennessee. J Blacc was born in August 1990. Не was raised in Stanton, Brownsville, and Covington, Tennessee. Не graduated from Covington High School in 2009, then later moved to Jackson, Tennessee. Being around music and making music, J Blacc was inspired by multiple artists such as Lil Wayne, Three
Six Mafia, UGK, Lil Boosie, and Yo Gotti. Their grind and hustle, motivated J Blacc to take music seriously and become a great artist! Hollywood J Blacc opened up for Zed Zilla in Jackson, Tennessee on December 7, 2012.

In 2014, J Blacc opened up for Young Buck in Birmingham, Alabama March 7, 2014, where he currently resides. To date, Hollywood J Blacc performed at many venues in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. In 2020, Hollywood J Blacc dropped his first mixtape “MY Time 2 Shine (Mixtape Smash)” hosted by DJ New Era, but was at a standstill due to incarcerations. After his release in 2021, he’s back at it with two hot singles “I need a check” and “Get Da Bagg”.

Motivated by getting money and the support from his fans led him to dropping his latest single “All In” in 2022. So now, J Blacc is all in featuring on multiple projects with other hot artists such as Latrail Khufu “New Shit” and FinesseGang NoLove “Thuggin’. Still on fire, Hollywood J Blace is going live with his upcoming single “Live On Em” which releases January 1, 2023 Hollywood J Blacc notes, “tune in or get tuned out” before it’s too late. You can listen to him on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Tidal, and Amazon Music!

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